Exhibitors’ Benefits

See below all the benefits of your participation in the PLASTICA exhibition.

Exhibitors‘ Benefits
Businesses involved establish their company name and increase their market share
The companies participating in the exhibition boost the commercial department and increase their sales
Exhibitors register the interests of their visitors in their booth and make commercial transactions with buyers and co-exhibitors
Exhibitors have the ability to conclude deals with customers, make offers, distribute useful booklets, samples, smart gifts and more to visitors.
Businesses interested in exporting benefit from acquaintance with foreign business visitors
Developing intense commercial interaction between exhibitors and customers within a given time under the same roof
Equal use by exhibitors and clients of the ‘neutral ground’ of the exhibition
Businesses meet old customers and get to know new ones
Businesses have the opportunity to meet individual customers who either have had years of seeing them or know them only by phone and electronically.
Exhibitors have the opportunity to get in touch with customers “face to face”
Exhibitors present their products directly to potential customers – ‘person with product’
The trade fair is an excellent platform for public relations and an opportunity for opening of new product and geographic markets
Participating in the Exhibition gives companies the opportunity to introduce new products, technologies, services, agencies, partnerships, factories, branches and so on.
Commercial Exhibitions are an opportunity for businesses to celebrate an important anniversary for them (example: years of operation, opening a new store)
Attending trade exhibitions gives business prestige as they are given by big companies and market leaders.
Exhibitors are informed about market trends and competition actions
Businesses know that exhibiting in a trade fair is their best promotional tool
Exhibitors promote and present the company image to customers – “person to company”
Exhibitors benefit from both the promotional program and the marketing of the organizing company
Small and medium-sized businesses are often involved, because they haven’t sufficient other means of advertising, promotion and sales.
They share the cost of displaying and advertising their company with all other exhibitors
Those who have never participated in a trade fair gain valuable and extensive experience