Analytic Exhibition Categories

See analytically below all the exhibition categories of the PLASTICA exhibition.


  • Raw materials
  • Supplementary materials such as chemicals, additives, solvents, colors, resins, etc.
  • Semi-finished, semi-processed plastics of all kinds
  • Final plastic products of home, technical, electric, electronic, hydraulic, power, marine, fishing, agricultural, construction, medicals, warehousing, decorative, recreational and sports application
  • Industrial plastics and accessories
  • Plexiglass
  • Plastic and rubber floors
  • Nanotechnology plastics
  • Recycled plastics
  • Plasticized products
  • Plastic services such as software programs, designing, journals, web sites, associations and embassies


  • Processing and production machines for plastics and rubber
  • Machines for printing, laminating and plasticizing of plastics and rubber
  • Cooling, ventilation and air-conditioning machines
  • Recycling machines for plastics and rubber such as presses, trimmers, molding, mixing, etc.
  • Manufacturing and repair of moulds
  • Renovation, repair and maintenance of machines
  • Supplementary equipment such as air-compressors, robotics, pumps, plastic machine metallic parts, fillers, CAD/CAM systems, automations, quality control and testing instruments